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Patents - Metal Mining


Invro Ltd in EU Raw Materials Commitment

Invro Ltd takes a one-third ownership in Electrowinning Technologies Ltd


Powermaximiser.com Grid and distribution system upgrading. Triple frequency injection for more power. Partner search

Making the Most of Energy

University Gate EastInvro Ltd. is an electronic engineering company

Our focus is the efficient management of electrical energy by electronic means.

We develop specific technology and supply relevant products in the following areas. These are:

Invro Energy - UltraWire

UltraWire - Carbon Nanotubes are combined with copper

Invro Mining - Energy Management in Mining

Power electronic systems for the more effective use of energy in the mining industry.
A new patent application. November 2023 Copper Electrorefining and Electrowinning

Power Maximisation - in Grid and Distribution Systems

33% more power in grid and distribution systems.
Alternatively reduce the I2R losses by 33% for ongoing cost savings.
New patent and new presentation.
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