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University Gate East Invro is a partner in a European Union project (in the FP7 programme) called UltraWire.

It is organised by Cambridge University and the partners are drawn from industry and universities across Europe. The aim is to combine carbon nanotubes with copper to make wire with a conductivity greater than that of copper alone.

This project completed on 30 September 2016.
We would be pleased to advise on projects and project proposals in the area of Ultra Conductive Copper (UCC) (within the limits of the UltraWire consortium confidentiality agreement which extends until 30 Sept 2017).
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The Partners with Invro Ltd. in the UlltraWire project are:

University of Cambridge

KME Germany GmbH & Co. KG


Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd

Wieland-Werke AG


National Grid

AGH University of Science and Technology

Outotec (Finland) Oy

Institute of Occupational Medicine

Aalto University

PSA Peugeot CitroŽn

PE Interantional

UltraWire Partners - Full Details